Friday, October 14, 2016

And Now For Something Different

Last week the gospel reggae band, Christafari, performed in our valley, hosted by local pastors.  Around 5000 people from the local area came to the concert and heard the gospel message.

A lot of preparations needed to be carried out prior to the event, including building a stage from scratch.  Many of our friends were involved in the event in one way or other. 

Photo credit: Micah Trostle
Can you see the bright light in the background, shining on the crowd?   This light is powered by its own generator, and is the kind often used at construction sites.  Andrew was involved in repairing the generator in the days leading up to the concert.

This month's prayer points:

*We're still working with our travel agent on securing tickets for our 2017 furlough.  Thanks for praying about our travel plans; we now know which tickets we want to purchase.  We appreciate your continued prayer for the process of purchasing the tickets. (Making international travel plans always seems to end up being more complicated than we expect it to be!)

*We praise God that another motorcycle mechanic is planning to start working at Autoshop in the next couple of months.  Please pray that Andrew would have adequate time to train this new mechanic before we leave for our furlough in March.