Saturday, July 14, 2018

School Holiday Fun

At the moment our children are enjoying their five-week school holiday.  Here is their guide to staying entertained while living in a remote location:

1) Take the lid of the crate that came by ship filled with shoes, clothes and other items that we'll be using between now and 2021
2) Draw pictures (in this case, of a light bulb, a child and a cat)
3) Cut out head holes
4) Stick your head through and get your Mum to take pictures

Next week, Levi (9) will begin Grade 4 and Heidi (6) starts Grade 2 at Ukarumpa International School. Eowyn (4) has another year of pre-school; on some mornings she'll stay home with Mum or with Mama Hana, a wonderful Papua New Guinean lady who helps us at home.