Saturday, May 14, 2011

Leaving in a Week

We're busy getting ready for our eight-month home assignment, which starts in a week. We leave PNG on Monday 23rd May, visiting friends in Sydney, Australia and in Hawaii before arriving in Florida at the beginning of June to spend four weeks with Andrew's parents.

Andrew is trying hard to finish up as much work as possible before we leave and also needs to clean up his office and work area, as well as get some things done around the house, so he is keeping busy.

I (Clare) have been doing lots of sorting and packing. We are glad that a friend will be staying in our house while we're away, so I've been getting the house ready for her to move in. Although Andrew and Levi have now had their PNG visas renewed, my passport is still in the government offices waiting for for the new visa. I'm not completely sure what will happen if the visa isn't renewed before the date we leave, but it would certainly add complications!

Levi, now two and a half, is sleeping better than he was last time we wrote, and we hope he adjusts well to sleeping in new places over the next few months. This time away from PNG will be a big change for all of us, but please pray especially for Levi, for whom everything and everyone will be particularly unfamiliar. Right now, the concern he expresses most often is whether he will be able to bring his favourite toy puppy on the plane! (This dog was actually given to us as a wedding present, but we never found out who it was from. If you gave it to us, please let us know!!)

I'm now 25 weeks pregnant with the new baby, who is making his/her presence known on a regular basis! I've been having regular check-ups at the clinic here in Ukarumpa, and will arrange for continued medical care once we get to England.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support, which we value particularly at this time of transition.