Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How Many Missionaries Does it take to Change a Light Bulb?!

Faced with large electricity bills (often over £150/$200 a month), we decided to follow the lead of other families on centre who have reduced power usage by switching to LED tubes.
  Here's Andrew (apparently just home from work given the grease smudges on his face!), installing a new LED in our kitchen.

As well as the lights inside our house, we also have several  lights on the outside to deter thieves.  So a lot of the electricity we use is for lights. We also, of course, use electricity for appliances and electronics.   Our oven runs from gas bottles, and the sun heats our water (or doesn't heat it, if it hasn't been a sunny day!)

We are often asked where our electricity comes from.  We get much of our power from the national grid; power is produced at the hydroelectric plant at 'Yonki Dam', which is located here in the Eastern Highlands Province.   We also have back-up generators on centre that start up if the national power is down.
  Andrew has been involved in working on these generators, as well as on generators at other centres around the country where Wycliffe members work.

Here is a photo of Andrew and colleagues helping
upgrade the power cables that bring electricity onto the centre.