Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sewing Assistance

I (Clare) have been assisting a Papua New Guinea lady, Betty Orami, who runs a sewing class here in Ukarumpa for people from all over the local area.       

Betty (wearing the apron in the photo above) was employed by our organisation for several decades before retiring five years ago; when I first met her she was the cleaner at the high school here.  Towards the end of her time in that role she was asked to be one of the teachers at a sewing club for women from the surrounding villages.  Sewing machines were sent out to these villages, and one woman from each village was trained as a teacher.

These days, Betty runs and manages the sewing classes by herself.  She does this as a volunteer, believing that God has given her this work to continue.  To help support herself, Betty takes on paid work from members of the Ukarumpa community, such as sewing curtains or mending clothes.

I've been helping in a few small ways, such as bringing Betty sewing jobs from people in the community and producing the certificates for the 2015 graduation ceremony:

*Please pray for Betty as she runs these classes, and also that God would provide all the resources she needs.  Pray too for the people attending, that they would benefit both spiritually and practically from their time at the sewing class.

*From 9th - 14th March, Eowyn and I will be in Brisbane, Australia, so that Eowyn can have another ultrasound scan and see the paediatric kidney specialist again. Please pray that all the travel goes well, and for good results from the scan of her kidneys and urinary tract.  We praise God that Eowyn has had a very healthy year :-). 

*Andrew has branch Executive Committee meetings from 4th - 10th March.  Please pray for wisdom for him and the rest of the committee during that time as they discuss various issues.  This will be an especially busy time for Andrew as he will be looking after Levi and Heidi while I'm in Australia, and also helping to hold things together at the Autoshop!   Please pray for stamina and encouragement for him.