Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Land Cruiser and Land Drought

Have you ever wondered what Andrew does to relax after a busy week of fixing engines, helping to run a department, and attending Executive Committee meetings as well as Pacific Orientation Oversight Committee meetings?!  (OK - so fortunately he doesn't usually have to do all of them in any one week).

Here is a clue:

Andrew's latest leisure activity is working on the 1979 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 pick-up truck/ute that he was recently given.  For the full story (or just the pictures), click over to his blog post 'Why I almost never turn down free junk'.

On a more sombre note, we are now several weeks into a period of very little rain and are experiencing drought conditions.  Not only does this mean that our usual source of drinking water is in danger of drying up (ie rain water that has fallen onto our house), it also has serious consequences for the vegetable gardens of our PNG friends and colleagues.   For many Papua New Guineans, the vast majority of their diet comes from their own gardens. 

Please pray for rain, and that the people of PNG would continue to have food to eat.
  Please also pray for wisdom as we consider how best to support those around us whose food sources are starting to dwindle.