Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What's in the Box?

The box below is carried on the back of the 'Jesus Video Bike', a motorbike that Andrew often works on.  The Papua New Guinean book-salesman has travelled over 50,000 miles in the last few years distributing hymn books, Audibibles and school supplies to speakers of the Kamano Kafe and Agarabi languages.  Recently a waterproof Kamano Kafe New Testament has also become available to purchase - with a banana leaf design on the cover.  (It's been discovered that if Bibles are simply given away they tend not to be valued; so they are sold for a subsidised fee, which also helps to cover the printing costs.)

We are having a very busy year so far.  Andrew has been attending many meetings recently (last week he had one set of meetings in the mornings and another set in the afternoons!).  Next month, we also have the biennial conference for all members of our organisation here in PNG.

I am enjoying teaching Levi's Kindergarten class.  Heidi and Eowyn are being well cared for by our cleaner/babysitter one morning a week and at the Ukarumpa daycare on the other morning that I teach.  I'm also keeping busy with teacher recruitment.  Recently this has involved facilitating trips being taken by student teachers and other visitors who want to investigate opportunities to teach here.

Eowyn and I will be back in Brisbane from 11th - 16th March for a check-up with the the kidney specialist.  I'm looking forward to that little break!

We greatly value your prayer.  Here are some pointers:

* The Jesus Video Bike travels on lots of remote dirt roads. When it rains these roads quickly become dangerous mud pits. Pray for safety for Franky our book salesman and wisdom and creativity for Andrew in finding parts to maintain the motorbike.

* Pray that those people who are hungry for God’s Word would have the money and see the motorbike as it travels to 22 different open air markets.

* Please pray that Clare and Eowyn make all their connections on their trip to Brisbane and back on 11th and 16th March, and that Eowyn's kidneys and urinary tract would continue to show improvement.   We also pray that the rest of the family left in Ukarumpa will do fine.
*Pray for wise decisions to be made at our conference, including the decision about whether to re-elect Andrew to the 'Executive Committee'!