Saturday, January 7, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR, one and all!

January finds us back in Florida, at Opa and
Oma Koens's house. We made it back here in time to
celebrate Christmas and New Year with them, which was
nice. As I (Andrew) write this, it looks like we are
finally done with our US travelling, and are taking a deep
breath before beginning our 6 day trip back to Papua New

We are doing well, overall, though Levi has been
struggling with a persistent infection of some sort. He
has had fairly high fevers now and then as well as
diarrhea and vomiting. We have taken him to a couple of
doctors, (one while we were still in Tennessee and another
here in Florida), and he is currently on antibiotics, so
hopefully that will get him sorted out.

This month's photo is of Opa, me and Levi all
building a gingerbread house together:

Here are some things to pray about:

--pray with us for healing for Levi
--praise the Lord with us for safety during the last two
months, in which we have driven nearly 7,000 miles!
--pray with us for safe travels during the next few weeks
as we fly back to PNG
--pray with us for the Lord's continued financial
provision as we return to Ukarumpa, where basic living
expenses for our family, such as food and utilities, have
increased by around $300/£200 each month