Sunday, October 23, 2016

2017 Travel Plans

I'll keep this post updated with our 2017 travel plans.  We'd love to see you!  Let us know if this might be a possibility

6 March: Fly to Port Moresby

7 March: Fly to Brisbane

10 March: Eowyn's medical check-up

11 March: Fly to Melbourne

15 March: Arrive in Haslemere, Surrey, UK

19 - 21 March: Seeing family in Warrington

21 - 27 March: Visiting friends in Cumbria

27 - 29 March: Sunderland and York

29 - 31 March: Visiting friends and family in the Midlands

1 April: Move into our flat in Haslemere

8 -13 April: Attending Spring Harvest Conference, Minehead, UK

18 April: Start of school term for our children

10 May: Speaking in Stevenage

13 - 17 May: Seeing friends from Devon

29 May - 2nd June: Half-term school holidays (We're still free from the Wednesday onwards)

11 June: Speaking at The Stable, Barnet

18 June: At Barnet Brookside Church

21st - 25th June: Andrew and Clare's (belated) 10th Anniversary trip to Edinburgh

2nd July: At All Saints' Church, Guildford

9th July: Children's group in Haslemere

16 July: Speaking in Haslemere

21 July: End of school year

10 August: Fly to Florida

13 August: Speaking in Palmetto, FL

20 August: Speaking in Sarasota, FL

21 August: Drive to North Carolina

28 August: Heidi and Levi start school in Waxhaw, North Carolina

?: Weekend trips to Upper NE Tennessee and other locations

January 2018: Fly back to Papua New Guinea via Australia