Monday, October 8, 2018

The Local Valley

We are blessed to have this view from the back of our house:

The village in the photo is one of several that are within walking distance of the Ukarumpa centre.  These villages are home to many of our Papua New Guinean colleagues and friends.

 This statement was put out by our organisation here in PNG:

'There has been fighting between two villages in Aiyura valley where our headquarters is located, but approximately 2 kilometres away.   Proactive security measures have been taken to closely monitor traffic through our centre and minimize the number of staff travelling through the valley.  The Royal PNG Constabulary (police) have sent a team of officers to restore law and order, and attempt to enable a peace agreement.

Several of our staff's friends or paid staff's loved ones have been impacted by this fighting – and we are concerned for their well-being.
Although the unrest is not targeted at our organisation, please join us in prayer that God would bring about peace for His glory.'

Thank you for praying with us.

For some encouraging news, read about a literacy course attended by many from local villages.  Participants found they were able to read their Bibles for the first time ever after attending the course.